Script to setup application Samba AD authentication in squid for pfSense® software

What is pf2ad ?

pf2ad is a script for automating installation via Kerberos/NTLM authentication environment AD in squid for pfSense® software. The script already does all the work required to leave the pfSense® software compatible with AD and adds it as a member in the AD tree.

How to Run

The script is automatic, meaning you need not install anything, he will have to check the necessary dependencies and install the needed.

To make the application of change patches and NTLM authentication setting in pfSense® software, we will need version 2.4.5/2.5.0/2.5.1 or the new 2.5.2-RC of pfSense® software. Remember that this version is compatible (will install if you have not) with Squid package, you will need web access or console (recommend using the console via ssh to monitor the process).


Compatibility with the new version of pfSense 2.4.5
  • Compilation of binaries for new kernel
  • Samba update to version 4.11

Compatibility with the new version of pfSense 2.5.0
  • Compilation of binaries for new kernel
  • Samba update to version 4.13

Compatibility with the new version of pfSense 2.5.1

Compatibility with the new version of pfSense 2.5.2-RC

Download Key

The pf2ad project today is being distributed in the form of a download key that is acquired with a single payment. This key gives you access to install the configuration script, without limits of use and being able to use the same code for future versions and/or updates.

The idea of value is to maintain the project, so the only thing we ask is that they do not distribute or disclose the key.

Payment can be made using the options below. If you prefer another method, you can contact contact us via email

Value: 65.00 USD

To apply the patch, run the command:

pf2ad for pfSense 2.5.2:

Use your download key received by email

fetch -q -o - "‹paste your key here›&version=2.5.2&" | sh

Questions ? Access the forum Mundounix

It will upgrade the system package, add a custom repository with samba version with AD support, will if necessary the installation of the dependent package Squid, apply changes to the Squid package code and the system menu to add configuration options of AD authentication.

If you still choose to use the web-based, use the option Diagnostics » command prompt as the image below:



Below, a screencast demonstrating how to apply the script via terminal (ssh)

Once the patch is applied, check the options, as follows:

Procedure to add the pfSense® software in AD

Configure pfSense® software DNS to point to the AD server, with the options as follows

Configure the AD options

Once you apply the configuration, make sure the pfSense® software server was added in the tree Active Directory

Follow the procedure below a screencast

How to implement an LDAP filter in SquidGuard Optional


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